is a place for people to track, display, & share their achievements with their dogs — it's a virtual log book! 💙 See below to find out more.

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 How It Works

To add your dog to this website, fill out the Add New Dog form above & submit with your payment. I will email you to request a couple photos — 1) One to use as a thumbnail photo on the main home page. (Should be of you & your dog close together, so both of you will still be visible when cropped.) & 2) One for your dog's page. (Your favorite photo of your dog, it can be a win photo or whatever you like, with or without you in it.) I can gather any current recorded AKC qualifying runs/legs/wins in any sport/event (ie. Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Lure Coursing, Fast CAT, Scent Work, etc.) for you, but I will need you to provide the info for other venues (ie. USDAA, LGRA, NACSW, BHA). You will get a unique, easy to remember web address for your dog's page. (View Sierra's page for an example of how yours will look.)

Whenever you earn a new qualifying leg towards a title in a sport/event, earn a Trick/CGC/other title, win in conformation, etc. — just come here to fill out the Update Existing Dog form above & submit with your payment to have your new qualifying runs/legs/wins added to your dog's page. There is a discount for submitting multiple updates at one time.

Add New Dog:
 This is the initial setup cost for adding a new dog to this website & it includes all current qualifying runs/wins. Discount for additional dogs added for the same owner.
  • $25.00 (First Dog added)
  • $20.00 (Additional Dogs added, same owner)
  • $5.00 (Add a dog with no current titles)

Update Existing Dog:
 This is the cost for updating an existing dog on this website. $2 per individual update submitted, discount for multiple updates submitted at a time.
  • $2.00 (per each individual update)
  • $1.00 (per each additional update submitted at the same time)


Most of us have some sort of system for tracking our qualifying runs/legs/points towards earning titles with our dogs in the sports/events/shows that we love doing with them. However, whether you have a system or not, keeping track can be hard. Your system may be messy notes in a log book, ribbons thrown in a pile, checking the AKC website for updates (which is delayed weeks/months after the fact), using an app on your phone, etc. Your system may come with risks, like getting lost or the paper damaged/destroyed. You also may not have it with you when you want to refer to it.

So... adding your dog to this website is a great solution to those problems & a simple, pretty way to keep track & display your achievements! Benefits include...
  • You will get a unique, easy to remember web address for your dog's page.
  • This will be a virtual log that is shareable, available anywhere, & can't get lost or ruined.
  • It's an easy way to track, display, & reference your achievements.
  • It's attractive & more detailed than other lists. Rather than just tracking the # of Qs & points earned, you have details such as: dates, locations, clubs, judges, scores, award placements, etc. Neat information to look back on.
  • Let your friends, family, breeders, potential puppy people, etc. follow what your dogs are doing.
  • Lookup your points anywhere, anytime when you're trying to figure out if you're close to that CH or MACH.
  • Did you need one more leg, or two, to finish that title?
  • Can't remember who the judge was at that one trial that you liked or didn't care for? Look it up here!
  • Trying to remember your dog's registration #, current titles, sire/dam to fill out that form? That info is here.
  • See what your friends are doing, or what other dogs of your favorite breed are able to accomplish.
  • Be proud of your progress, growth, & successes!

View Sierra's page for an example of how yours will look.