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Owner Breed Dog Name Birthday Location Breeder Kennel Name Added
Lauren Beyer Rhodesian Ridgeback Sierra 04/10/2016 Oregon Betsy Metcalf ARR 06/02/2018
Jennifer Pumpelly Rhodesian Ridgeback Retta 05/01/2016 Oregon Roy & Kathy Phelps Roka Ridge 02/23/2019
Jennifer Pumpelly Rhodesian Ridgeback Zula 04/18/2018 Oregon Roy & Kathy Phelps Roka Ridge 04/05/2019
Adrienne Bassett Whippet SeeYa 03/27/2016 Oregon Jeff & Ramona Bradley Dream 04/12/2020
Laura Maffei Alaskan Malamute Takara 11/23/2015 Oregon Laura Maffei & Michele Coburn Hallstatt 04/18/2020
Stephanie Whitchurch Doberman Pinscher Jedi 03/01/2012 Oregon Judy Root, Bud Root, Mary Leahy Hidden Acres 06/14/2020
Betsy Metcalf Rhodesian Ridgeback Zenyatta 04/10/2016 Washington Betsy Metcalf ARR 07/05/2020
Betsy Metcalf Rhodesian Ridgeback Zanadew 06/15/2011 Washington Betsy Metcalf ARR 04/28/2021
Christi Johnson & Annette Cantu Belgian Tervuren Ripley 04/28/2012 Oregon Karyn Cowdrey & Glenda Fick Blackfyre 05/09/2021
Annette Cantu & Christi Johnson American Indian Dog Teak 10/22/2015 Oregon Kim La Flamme Song Dogs Kennels 09/05/2021